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Birthday Sandwich Reward
(Up to $10 value)

TOGO’S Rewards FAQ’s

Have questions about your account? You have come to the right place!

General Rewards Questions

How do I sign up for the TOGO’S Rewards Program?

There are several quick and easy ways to sign up for our TOGO’S Rewards Program. You can create an account on our website,, or through our TOGO’S App, which can be downloaded from the Apple or Google store.

How does the Rewards Program work?

The TOGO’S Rewards Program is so easy! For every $1.00 you spend, you will receive 1.00 point. Each time you reach 100 points, you will receive a $10 Points Reward. You may earn up to 200 points per transaction and a maximum of 200 points per day. Orders through third party delivery or catering companies, gift card purchases, taxes, tips, donations, and fees, are excluded for point rewards.

Looks like my Points Reward expired. Why?

Your $10 Points Reward will expire 30 days after your reward is issued. Please ensure that you are opted-in to receive TOGO’S marketing emails, so you will receive notification of any new rewards issued to you! Promotional rewards have varying expiration periods. Check your account often to see what rewards you have available to redeem.

Earning Rewards

Can I earn TOGO’S Rewards points by placing an order through a third-party delivery platform?

Orders made through third-party food delivery platforms (e.g. DoorDash, Grubhub, etc.) are not eligible to receive TOGO’S Rewards points. Additionally, these purchases are not eligible to earn points as a missed transaction request. Unfortunately, our system is unable to process transactions placed outside of our platform for Rewards points.

How will I know when I receive a reward?

You can view your rewards at any time through the TOGO’S App or by visiting your rewards account online. When on the App, click on the hamburger menu and choose “Current Balance.” Here, you will find your rewards points balance and any stored value.

Additionally, TOGO’S sends out rewards notification emails and App notification messages to keep you informed. In order to receive rewards emails, be sure to check the opt-in box upon registration for your account. If you previously unchecked this box, please login to your mobile App and click on “Update Profile,” or if you are using a desktop computer, login in to your rewards account and click “Edit your profile” to opt-in.

How can I obtain rewards points if the store did not add them during my transaction, or if I forgot to give my rewards number to the cashier?

If the purchase was made within the last 24 hours, please Contact Customer Service and provide a photocopy of your receipt to see how we can help.

Redeeming Rewards

How do I Redeem my Rewards?

For in-store orders, give the cashier the phone number associated with your account, your rewards number, or if you have our TOGO’S App, simply click “Check In” and give the three digit code. Let the cashier know which available Reward you want to redeem.

For online ordering at, login to your account and then apply your rewards before proceeding to checkout.

What is a birthday reward?

We love to celebrate you! TOGO’S gift is a Birthday Sandwich Reward. (Up to $10 value. See Terms & Conditions for more information).

Will I get my birthday reward on the day of my birthday?

Not always. Your birthday reward is added to your account during the week of your birthday. Sometimes you might receive your birthday reward the week prior to your birthday. You will receive an email from us when your birthday reward is added to your account. The birthday award is valid for 14 days once it is issued to your account.

To be eligible for a birthday reward, you must complete a valid registration at least 14 days prior to your birthday and have made an in-store, online or TOGO’S App purchase entering your new rewards number for a first time activation.

Can I redeem my birthday reward online?

Yes. You can redeem your birthday reward both online and in-store.

Does my birthday reward expire?

Your birthday reward will expire in 14 days from the day your reward is issued.

How many Points Rewards can I redeem per day?

You may redeem a total of $20 Points Rewards per day.

Why do rewards points go missing after 100 points?

Don’t worry, your points aren’t missing! They’ve just been converted to rewards. Points convert to a $10 Points Reward after you reach 100 points. Once this happens, your points earning process will start over again with any remaining points or at a balance of 0 if no remaining points.

I selected my favorite TOGO’S location during registration. Can I earn and redeem Rewards at any location?

You may earn and redeem your Rewards at any of our participating TOGO’S locations.

If I have the mobile App or order online when signed into my account, do I also need a physical card?

Your mobile App or TOGO’S online ordering account contains all your Rewards information as well as points, rewards, saved Favorites and past orders.

Gift Cards

Do I get points when I buy gift cards?

Unfortunately, no. Points are only given for eligible TOGO’S products, like sandwiches, salads, wraps, soups, chips, desserts, and drinks. However, if you purchase an eligible item with a gift card, you will receive points.

Rewards Account Balance/Settings

How do I check my Rewards Points balance?

To check your rewards points online, log into your account at

How do I recover my username and password?

To recover your username or password, please contact Customer Service or click the ‘forgot password’ link on the TOGO’S Rewards login page.

How do I look up my transaction history both online and through the app?

Web Browser: Log in to your rewards account at After logging in, you will see a menu bar. At the very top of the page, click on “Transaction History.”

App: Once logged in to your account, click on the hamburger menu icon on the top left of the screen, choose “current balance,” then choose “history.”


I bought a catering box. Do I get any points?

Yes, when you purchase online, over the phone, through our App, or in-store! To receive your points, please make sure to use your TOGO’S Rewards card or mobile App during your purchase. Maximum of 200 points earned per purchase per day.

My catering order is over $200, can I split my order into multiple transactions to receive more points for the money spent over $200 (I.e. if my order is $300 or $500)?

No. Only a maximum of 200 points can be earned per day.

I have more questions, who do I contact?

We are happy to help! For TOGO’S Rewards Questions, please contact Customer Service.