Fundraising FAQ’s

General Info

What kind of organizations can request to hold a Fundraiser? 

Organizations registered as a nonprofit/501c(3)/tax-exempt are welcome to request a fundraising event. Examples include schools, sports teams, camps, clubs, parent/teacher organizations, religious organizations, etc. We request a federal tax ID (TIN/EIN) to confirm your organization’s nonprofit status. 

What type of orders count toward my Fundraiser? 

During the time of your event, any order placed in-person at your selected location will be counted towards your fundraiser. In addition, any pick-up order placed online at or within the Togo’s App using the coupon code FUND will be counted towards your fundraiser.

How far in advance do I need to request a Fundraiser?

Fundraisers must be requested at least 3 weeks from desired event date. Dates are assigned in order of applications received. 

What days and times are available for guests to hold a Fundraiser? 

Fundraisers are held Monday – Saturday during any of the following 4-hour windows: 2pm-6pm, 3pm-7pm, 4pm-8pm

Is there a minimum sales requirement for the organization to receive a check? 

A check will be calculated using pre-tax sales. $100 pre-tax minimum in sales is required for the organization to receive a fundraising check. This roughly equates to 10 guests.   

How often can I host a fundraiser? 

Each organization is limited to one event every 30 days, assuming past fundraisers were successful.  


Why can’t I find my local Togo’s under “Choose a Location” in the application? 

Each Togo’s location is individually owned and operated, and therefore some locations have chosen to opt out of the Fundraiser program.  

I don’t have a federal tax ID (TIN/EIN), what do I do? 

All nonprofit/501c(3)/tax-exempt organizations have a federal tax ID number. If you do not know it, we recommend you contact your organization’s treasurer, finance person or administrator to obtain that information.  

I’m having trouble filling out the application online, what do I do?  

Be sure you are selecting a day shown in white on the calendar (which will be at least 3 weeks out). If you are still having difficulties, please contact the store directly and they will be able to help plan your fundraiser. Store information can be found at 

Post Application

It’s been 2 business days, and I haven’t heard back on my application, what do I do? 

Email with your organization name and the desired location and event dateand we’ll be happy to look into it. 

submitted something incorrectly on my application, what do I do? 

To update your contact or organization information, contact the Manager or Franchise Owner of the location you selected for your event. The store phone number can be found at You can also reply back to the confirmation email. 

How do I change the date or time of my Fundraiser, or cancel my event? 

To change or cancel your Fundraiser, contact the Manager or Franchise Owner of the location you selected for your event. The store phone number can be found at You can also reply back to the confirmation email. 

I deleted the email with my fundraiser flyer by accident. How do I get a new one?  

Contact the Manager or Franchise Owner of the location you selected for your event. The store phone number can be found at You can also reply back to the confirmation email. 


How do I make sure my supporters’ orders are counted towards the Fundraiser?  

If ordering in-person at the store, bring in the fundraiser flyer, or show the flyer on your phone to the cashier at checkout during the event time and date. Verbal mention of the fundraiser may not count. 

If ordering for pick-up on or through the Togo’s App, be sure to write the code FUND in the coupon code section at checkout. Delivery orders will not be counted towards your fundraiser. Online orders placed at a different location, or outside your chosen date and event time will not be counted towards your fundraiser. Cancelled orders will not be counted towards your fundraiser.

Can we promote the Fundraiser at the store on the day of the event? 

No, flyers may not be distributed inside our stores or within the vicinity of our stores, including the parking lot. Violating this policy may result in your fundraiser being cancelled.  

Can my supporters use Rewards Points or another coupon with the Fundraiser code? 

No, rewards redemptions or other coupons can be used as part of a fundraiser. 

Can my supporters earn Rewards Points from their purchase with Fundraiser?  

Yes, guests can earn rewards points on their eligible purchase in-store and online. 

Post Event

How long does it take to receive my check after the fundraiser? 

Checks will be mailed out to the organization within 4 weeks post event. Please allow 4-6 weeks for your check to arrive at the address listed in the application.  

If it has been more than 6 weeks and you still haven’t received your check, please contact with your organization name, event location and date.