Our Sandwiches

We’re not your ordinary sandwich shop. We use only premium fresh sliced turkey & pastrami piled high to the heavens, top-grade ham and tender, hand carved roast beef slow-roasted with proprietary secret seasonings that make taste buds do the happy dance. As for freshness, our avocado is scooped fresh from the skin, not squirted from a plastic thingamabob. Fresh cut tomatoes? You betcha.

Our Financials

Our sandwiches are bigger – and so are our financials. Togo’s boasts higher average sales than most sandwich franchises. That’s because, at Togo’s, we’re always finding new ways to maximize revenue and the bottom line. In addition, our average initial investment range trends below other concepts in our category.  

Our Training

Exceptional service is a big part of what makes our restaurants special. That’s why we put a huge emphasis on our training. We take the kind of operational and franchise support expertise often found in larger companies and bring it our close-knit brand through hands-on in-store training.

Our Potential

With over 200 restaurants that are either open or under development in communities across the West Coast, we’re just getting started. We’re still ramping up development efforts in prime markets throughout the country.

Our Franchisees

Talk to any of our franchisees, and chances are they ooze passion for the brand and will start the conversation by telling you their favorite Togo’s sandwich. There’s a rich history and culture of our current franchisees who first fell in love with the brand as fanatical customers. You can’t really find that kind of deep-rooted affinity anywhere else.

Our Legacy

As an iconic West Coast sandwich franchise established in 1971, we have a strong foothold in California and a rapid brand expansion throughout the Western states. We’re an exceptional chain known for our commitment to quality ingredients – just ask our growing Togo’s fan following.