1. Discovery.

    Building a relationship is a two way street. We want you know you, and you to know us, before we let you into our family!

    • Learn our company history
    • Set up mutual expectations
    • Determine viability both financially and demographically
    • Submit pre-qualification form
  2. Disclosure.

    Family means no secrets. We’ll tell you our good, bad and ugly in anticipation that you do the same.

    • FDD Review
    • Trade area defined
    • Financing process & requirements
    • Background check
    • Credit check
    • Liquidity verification
  3. Homework.

    By this step, we’ve given you all the information for you to run with and get to the finish line. Ball’s in your court!

    • Homework booklet
    • Real Estate / Trade area review
    • Franchisee validation calls
    • Site visit and on-the-job evaluation
    • LOI
    • P&L and Business Plan Objectives
  4. Approval.

    You can’t join the family without meeting the parents! We know you’re qualified, but now it’s time to see if you’re a good DNA fit.

    • Executive team approval
    • Summarize Franchisee Agreement Terms
  5. Award.

    In other terms, we’re married by this step. Welcome to the Togo’s family!

    • Award Franchisee Agreement
    • Signing
    • Collect Fees
    • Schedule construction, training, local store marketing activities

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