Who is the ideal Togo’s owner?
Togo’s are looking for entrepreneurs who have a deep love and passion for Togo’s, community, and sandwiches. In addition, ideal candidates would have a background in business operations and a strong financial backing.
How much does it cost to own a Togos?
The initial franchise fee estimates $15,000 – $30,000, with average development costs around $325,000.
How much can I make as a Togo’s owner?
Togo’s doesn’t make specific profit projections. However, that’s really up to how well you operate your store. As long as you’re willing to pour your heart and soul in the business, the sky’s the limit.

As you move along in the process, we do ensure you have the ability to speak with existing franchisees to get a better understanding of the potential and best practices they have in place to drive sales and profitability, as well as provide you with our Franchise Disclosure Document with information about profit averages.

What is the cost for owning the rights to the brand?
Royalty fees are 5% of gross sales. Marketing are 3% of gross sales.
Does Togo’s offer financing?
We don’t offer internal financing, however we do have 3rd party lenders that know the brand and are always happy to help us bring on new franchisees with offering a wide-range of SBA financing options and minority grant programs.
How long does it take to open a Togo’s?
In general, we anticipate it will take approximately 3 to 6 months from signing the franchise agreement to opening day at your Togo’s. However, each shop’s timeline varies depending on a variety of factors, including site selection, build-out requirements and training.
Do I have to live in the same market where I operate my restaurants?
Absolutely. Togo’s is about community. So, to effectively manage your business and connect with the community, you must reside within a distance we determine to be satisfactory.
What kind of training can I expect as a franchisee?
All new operating partners participate in a 4 week training program prior to awarding the franchise agreement. Training includes classroom learning and hands-on experience in one of our company-owned shops. In addition, we will train your key employees for 6 weeks at one of our company-owned shops.

Once a franchisee, a franchise business coach will be assigned to your shop for further training and on-site reviews. In addition, in-person cascade trainings will be held throughout the year for larger marketing initiatives.

Can I develop multiple Togo’s restaurants?
Depending on your qualifications and experience, we will award franchises for multiple restaurants under multi-unit agreement with a development schedule.
Do you offer any incentives to open a Togo’s?
Yes. We offer a discount of 50% off of the initial franchise fees to law enforcement, fire fighters, educators and military veterans.
I’m interested in being my own boss and owning a Togo’s. How do I get started?
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